READ ME - Access to the Forums

New users please read this.
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READ ME - Access to the Forums

Post by pdh » Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:04 pm

Welcome to the NMFC website forum !

The ‘Forum’ is a collection of individual bulletin boards (topics) where members can browse and post messages.


To use the Forum you first need to register:
  1. Click the ‘Register’ link on the Forum Home page
  2. On the next screen, click the button to accept the terms of service
  3. On the Registration screen, enter:
    • a username (your choice, provided that it isn't already in use)
    • your email address
    • a password
    • the Access Word (*)
  4. Click the submit button
* If you do not know the Access Word (which is designed to stop unauthorised people from registering) you will need to request it from a committee member.

The site will send you an automated email containing a link which you must follow in order to activate your account.

Logging in

Once registered, you login in on the Forum Home page using your username and password. Whilst it is your choice, we recommend that you tick the 'Remember Me' box before you click the 'Login' button. Doing this means that the Forum will open automatically on subsequent visits (without the need to re-enter your details).

Accessing the topics

Once you log in, you will see a series of forum groups. Click on a forum link to see the topics it contains and click one of the topics to see the messages and replies it contains.

You are allowed to create new topics and to post replies to existing messages by clicking the appropriate buttons.

Subscribing to a forum

If you 'subscribe' to a forum you will be sent an email whenever there is activity (typically a new post) since your last visit. Note that you will only receive one email even if there are several new posts.

The email contains a direct link to the forum and, provided that you have ticked the 'Remember me' button, the link will take you straight to the post. Without 'Remember Me' you will need to log in to see it.

The 'Subscribe' button is a little tricky to locate.... It appears in the blue border at the bottom of a Forum (but not a topic or message) screen. You subscribe by clicking the link when the tick is showing and unsubscribe clicking it when the cross is showing. You can see a list of the Forums you are subscribed to by looking at the 'User Control Panel' accessed from the menu associated with your user name in the top right corner of the screen.

If you have a problem contact Paul or Ian. or

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